Seatrout Tackle and Lures

Trout Lures
Within this section we are offering specific tackle and lures known to catch one of Florida's most common and plentiful saltwater fish, the Spotted Seatrout. These fish are sometimes called speckled trout, specks, or simply trout by the anglers who target them. Spotted Seatrout are found all along the southern Atlantic seaboard, from North Carolina to the Florida Keys. In general terms they can be found in tidal creeks, rivers and bays. They are very common on shallow sea-grass flats throughout Florida and can also be found with Snook under lighted docks and piers. Most anglers use lighter tackle to target Trout consisting of mono or braided line in the 8 to 20 pound class, fluorocarbon leaders from 10 to 20 pounds and a variety of artificial lures.